The Geodetic Engineers of the Philippines, Inc. – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Chapter (GEP-KSA) is an international chapter of the Philippine Professional Regulations Commission’s accredited professional organization – GEP, Incorporated. It is composed of Filipino geospatial engineers, geomatics engineers, survey engineers, hydrographic and land surveyors working in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

With the fact that GEOGRAPHIC INFORMATION SYSTEMS (GIS) technology is rapidly being embraced by various field players because of the benefits it offers, there is practically no area that the location system and mapping cannot help in. Since GIS is more than just creating geographic maps containing political borders, transportation networks and environmental resources by using computer software programs; the location analytics and intelligent mapping technology offered by GIS can also be applied in telecommunications, oil & gas, water pipelines, urban planning, land management, real estate, media, and in many other areas.

To promote the GIS profession which is part of the Philippine geodetic engineering curriculum, and to do whatever may be necessary to develop and upgrade its standards and those practicing it, the GEP-KSA in collaboration with the Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers, Inc. KSA-Riyadh Region Chapter, International Charter I-2, will hold a one Friday event on 28 April 2017, the 2017 GIS Symposium through the Philippine Council of Engineers & Architects – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (PCEA-KSA) and the Saudi Council of Engineers at the SCE auditorium.

With the leaders and members of the other PCEA-KSA member organizations such as the Philippine Society of Mechanical Engineers, the Institute of Electronics Engineers of the Philippines, the United Architects of the Philippines, the Institute of Integrated Electrical Engineers of the Philippines, the Filipino Environmental Planners in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Association of Structural Engineers of the Philippines, Inc., and the Association of Filipino Plumbing Engineers in KSA participating in the event, let us so very eagerly forward to keeping abreast of GIS technologies, and to enhancing our knowledge more and to furthering our ever continuing engineering education.

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