The GEP-KSA is a duly Recognized International Chapter of the Geodetic Engineers of the Philippines, Incorporated pursuant to its National Board Resolution No. 10, Series of 2015 dated 3 October 2015. GEPI is the professional organization of geodetic engineers accredited with the Philippine Professional Regulation Commission. The Geodetic Engineers of the Philippines – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Chapter is composed of overseas Filipino geodetic engineers and surveyors working in Saudi Arabia.



A professional & organized act of gathering physical data on the surface of the earth with the use of precision instruments, Geodetic Engineering is the scientific & methodical processing of these data & presenting them on graphs, plans, maps, charts or documents. It embraces, but is not limited to:

  1. Services with the use of equipment that are used to determine metes & bounds of lands positions of points on the surface of the earth, water depths, underwater configuration, ground elevation, gravity, isostacy, crustal movements & the size & shape of the earth, & other instruments used for construction survey, & those used to guide the installation of large industrial equipment & machineries
  2. Horizontal & vertical control surveys & political boundary surveys
  3. Land surveys to determine their metes & bounds & prepare the plans thereof for titling & for other purposes
  4. Subdivision, consolidation &/or consolidation-subdivision of titled properties
  5. Submission of survey plans of subdivided, consolidated and/or consolidated-subdivision titled properties to the government agencies concerned
  6. Preparation of sketch, lot & location plans
  7. Surveys & the technical preparation of engineering survey plans such as topographic, hydrographic, tidal, profile, cross-section, construction & boundary surveys
  8. Parcellary surveys of lands traversed by infrastructure projects & the preparation of subdivision plans
  9. Gravimetric & photogrammetric survey & the technical preparation of such survey plans
  10. Survey & mapping works such as the preparation of geographic &/or land information system
  11. Survey to determine & establish line & grade for the construction of buildings & other structures & its attachments
  12. Construction of as-staked & as-built surveys for infrastructures
  13. Mineral & mining surveys
  14. Installation of machineries requiring the use of precision instruments
  15. Engagement in the transfer of the knowledge & technology of GE in any institution of learning